A New Kind of Animal Survival

Welcome to Reach of the River, a multiplayer online animal survival and roleplaying game in active development for Windows computers.


Step into the shoes (or paws) of a unique animal individual in an open world; either canine or cervine, with more playable species on the way! Be born into the world decorated with natural colouration, and discover the strange force of Font to harness at Ley Points to unlock unique mutations and lavish colours to decorate your character's coat - from stark winter whites to striking black stripes!


Live out your wildest dreams as you explore rocky mountains, untamed rivers and mysterious forests. Hunt and survive in a world with ever-changing resource availability and dynamic weather events, or hang out - safe from the many ailments of the natural world - in Lounge Zones!


Level-up by simply surviving to earn Perk and Knowledge points and carefully craft your character to suit your playstyle; harness brute strength to become the ultimate warrior, natural instincs to become the perfect scout, or endurance to become your pack's best runner!

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